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The City of New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) introduced its S.O.A.R (Sustainable Operations and Readiness/Resources) M/WBE program that enables Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) to have access to the department’s procurement opportunities and information on capacity building plans.

The program also allows bureaus to choose relevant M/WBEs, among other initiatives.

DSNY Acting Commissioner Steven Costas said that their department has already started working with more M/WBEs and looks forward to more opportunities the S.O.A.R program will offer their businesses.

Kevin V.G. Wells, DSNY’s chief supplier diversity officer said that the program will also allow M/WBEs to be consistently visible to contracting bureaus that may be in need of specific goods and services.

S.O.A.R. Program Initiatives

Building a Business Capacity Statement and Database: The database includes the M/WBEs’  online Business Capacity Statement (BCS) that clearly identifies what goods and services they can offer and other details. Department bureaus use the database to search for suppliers of a specific good or service.

S.O.A.R. Link-Up Events: Prime, or non-M/WBE, vendors involved in the P.R.E.P (Promotion, Readiness & Encouraging Partnerships) initiative will interview pre-identified M/WBEs as potential partners for future projects. The events create active communication between M/WBE and Prime vendors and help emerging M/WBEs. The events are also opportunities for M/WBEs to meet other M/WBE partners at separate events.

M/WBEs Video Gallery: This is a venue for M/WBEs providing goods and services to the department for various contracts to show their best business practices.

Exploratory Workshop Series: Department bureaus organize workshops to provide a targeted pool of M/WBEs with more information about an upcoming solicitation. The department uses the Business Capacity Statement database to invite M/WBEs to attend relevant workshops.

Micro-hauling/ Composting Committee: M/WBEs engaged in micro-hauling/composting, or interested in such services, meet regularly to address specific capacity building needs.

Gregg Bishop, commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Service said that the Department of Small Business Services is committed to equipping M/WBEs with the resources and tools needed to win lucrative contracts that will help grow their businesses. 

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