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Atlanta, GA…March 27, 2019…Aspiring and seasoned minority and women business owners are vying for their fair share of the multi-billion corporate supplier and angel investor pie, and those attending the capacity-filled kick-off of the Global Supplier Diversity Curriculum (GSDC) event in Atlanta, came away with some proven and practical keys shared by leading entrepreneurs and corporate executives, to help them reach their objective.

Created by Business Strategist, Global Speaker and Author, Monica McCoy, the (GSDC) was launched in a concerted effort to significantly move the needle for women and minority businesses, by providing practical, tangible keys to overcoming some of the obstacles found in this area.    

“One of the first things we recognized people needed to know was how to build and grow solid businesses, was to ensure they understood how critical building and executing their strategic plan was to their success,” said McCoy, a former Acting Global Director of Strategy and Innovation for the McDonald’s Division for the Coca-Cola Company.  “We are thankful to have had the caliber of successful leaders sharing their wealth of knowledge on this topic, from major companies like Coca-Cola Company and IBM,” she continued. “We were also fortunate to have some real examples of business success from our entrepreneur panel of speakers, who shared their keys to success,” she said.

An outgrowth of McCoy’s successful Global Supplier Diversity Conference, which was launched last September in Atlanta, GA., the Global Supplier Diversity Curriculum is also tailored to close the gap that exists with minority businesses, by leveraging the strategic pillars of education, activation and sustainability.    

Among those speaking at the half day event, was Denise Evans, vice president of Women and Diverse B2B Marketing for the IBM Corporation.  Evans leads an organization responsible for ensuring that businesses owned by Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans in North America, as well as women-owned, led and influenced businesses globally, understand how to build smarter businesses that will change how the world works.

GSDC Curriculum

Evans’ keynote was preceded by  an entrepreneur panel comprised of successful business owners from across the country including Adrienne Lance Lucas, founder of Lance Lucas and Associates; LaFarris Risby, founder of LaFarris, Inc., and Kimberly Smith, founder of The Positivity Academy.

The next installment of the GSDC will focus on ”Overcoming the Solopreneur Trap,” on Thursday, June 27, 2019 from 8:30am to 12:00pm and tickets for the event are $97. Keynoting the June event will be  Mercedes-Benz USA Head of Human Resources, Lars Minns.

McCoy, a sought-after business strategist and award-winning global speaker, established her company, Monica Motivates in 2017 after 15 years with Coca-Cola. Her business focuses on helping individuals identify their purpose and passion, while showing them how to best leverage their newly found knowledge for the benefit of their companies and themselves.

She was among 50 global women leaders who received the prestigious Women’s Economic Forum 2017 “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ Award in New Delhi.  She has shared her professional expertise at industry and professional groups like Mercedes Benz USA, Cisco, GA Tech, The Coca-Cola Company, etc. McCoy also just released her second book, “Treating Your Brand like a Fortune 100 Company,” at the event. Her first book, “The Best life Lessons Learned From Real People,” was released last year.

In addition to the Global Supplier Diversity Conferences and Curriculum events, McCoy also conducts full day strategic sessions to assist minority business owners on effective pitching and closing deals with potential corporate partners and investors.  Pitch University was established in 2018 and has assisted over 560 business owners since its inception.

“As one of our speakers, LaFarris Risby shared as part of the entrepreneur panel, ‘the decisions you make today will ultimately affect your tomorrow, right or wrong, good or bad’ and she’s absolutely right.  Our ultimate goal with the Global Supplier Diversity Curriculum events and Conferences, as well as with Pitch University, is to help the millions of aspiring and established minority and women-owned businesses around the country, to make the best decisions so they can thrive,” she shared.  “We believe we can do this by giving them the tools, strategies and practical applications necessary for success in this global economy, where $85 billion is invested annually in businesses” said McCoy.

In addition to the quarterly Global Supplier Diversity Curriculum events, the second annual Global Supplier Diversity Conference will be held September 26 in Atlanta.  To register for the GSDC Curriculum event go to: To register for the Conference, go to:

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