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High-quality websites are more affordable now than ever before, but 40% of small businesses don’t want to invest in a website, according to a new survey by Visual Objects, a portfolio website featuring the work from top creative firms worldwide. The survey also found that 28% of small businesses are not likely to have a website in the future.

The survey of 529 U.S. small businesses found that quality websites are affordable and easy to get for small businesses. Most small businesses believe a website is an important part of any successful digital marketing strategy in 2019.

Websites are Irrelevant for Some Small Businesses

Nearly a third (28%) of the small businesses that are not likely to have a website in the future say a website is irrelevant to their company’s needs. These companies would rather depend on traditional marketing strategies, such as email and PR as well as their personal networks to generate business.

However, industry experts are doubtful if businesses nowadays can rely on word-of-mouth marketing strategies without websites.

Small businesses cite cost and the availability of social media for their web presence as some of the reasons for not having a website.

Websites for small businesses are more affordable

Websites have become more affordable. Sixty-five (65%) percent of small business owners spent less than $10,000 for the design, build, and launch of their website.

Business owners can use Squarespace, Wix  and other website builders to create a basic website quickly and without budgetary strain. However, businesses might need more features that are not available in a basic website.

Web Design Agencies can build more complex websites for Small Businesses

Web design agencies maintain the websites of almost 20% of small businesses. However, 52% maintain their websites in-house which may not be enough to keep complex website features running smoothly.

An advantage of hiring a web design agency is that it can provide a high-quality website that allows the user to do its day-to-day maintenance.

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