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Survival in today’s marketplace can be very demanding. Small to mid-size business owners spend much time working in the business such that they fail to keep up with the current trends that impact sales. For example, for business marketing, this means utilizing digital marketing over more traditional marketing strategies.

A company should know that Facebook is the platform for targeting customers who are 30 years or older and with wide networks (friends, family, etc.) while Instagram is for marketing products and services to customers below 30 years of age who prefer hashtags and images.

Another sales trend is the concept of “value.” This concept requires that businesses create remarkable solutions (products or services) so the right customers seek the solutions they can provide. Businesses should ask how the products and services they offer will support their customers to be more successful in their businesses.

When this concept of value is integrated throughout the sales process (marketing, selling and keeping (follow-up)) the focus is on the customer instead of on the solution.

While digital marketing is now an effective way to increase sales, potential customers still want to buy from a real person.   

The sales team should be aware that both their verbal and nonverbal communications with potential customers can make or break the sale. They should be well-versed with “conversational intelligence” a sales trend that combines emotional intelligence, behavioral knowledge, customer knowledge, active listening skills and industry/market knowledge.

Yes, working ON the business requires dedicated time. It is important for business owners to step away and find what makes the company remarkable.

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