Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

Electronic commerce company Etsy has been advocating for women empowerment all-year round for 14 years. According to the company, which is an online marketplace for vintage and handcrafted goods, 87% of its entrepreneurs are women.

The median age of global Etsy sellers is 38 with 97% operate at home and 38% of shops consisting of one-woman organizations.

An economic impact study commissioned by Etsy found that its sellers contribute $4.7 billion to the American economy and generate more than one million jobs. They also have an indirect economic output of $2.6 billion. The company also promote diversity and inclusivity within the organization.

Women constitutes 56% of Etsy’s employee base, 52% of directors and above level leaders and 50% of the board of directors. In addition, 33% of Etsy engineers are women.

In 2018, Etsy teamed up with The Bougie Brunch Group to support women in their entrepreneurial and professional development programs. In 2019, the company plans to continue investing in its employees, execute their growth strategy and connect more with buyers. According to Etsy Senior Vice President of People, Strategy and Services Raina Moskowitz, they believe that a diverse employee base helps them better meet the needs for their customers.

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