Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends has hired Angela Roseboro as its first chief diversity officer. Roseboro, who was the global diversity and inclusion head at Dropbox, is tasked with creating diversity programs to help address sexism and toxicity in the workplace issues that was exposed by “Kotaku” in August of last year.

Roseboro was hired half a year after Riot publicly acknowledged the claims of sexism and dysfunctional workplace practices and pledged to thoroughly fix its culture by implementing new policies and tools to prevent abuse.

Riot also expanded its diversity team, making sure words like “gamer” are used without sexist connotations during hiring and internal meetings. The company also hired outside consultants to audit the company’s practices, set up an anonymous hotline and expanded staff training.

Still, the fallout from the company’s bad practices has not ended. Last November, a former employee filed a class action suit against Riot games for unequal pay, sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. The complaint also included what was previously reported by Kotaku about lewd jokes by male employees without any punishment.

In fact, Riot Games’ Chief Operating Officer Scott Gelb considered it a joke to fart on and touch the genitals of employees. Gelb was suspended without pay for two months and will be back at almost the same time as Roseboro’s hiring.

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