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How does a woman start a career in building airplanes? The formula for success was not easy according to Joan Robinson-Berry, the Vice president of engineering, modifications and maintenance for “Boeing Global Services.” She did not grow up in an ideal environment but she remembered that she “was extremely talented in math and science” so she pursued her studies along those fields until she got her Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology.

At work, Robinson-Berry experienced sexism and other forms of discrimination but she continued to focus on engineering and sharpened her skills. According to the trailblazer, “Diversity is about being invited to the party and inclusion is being able to dance”

Today, Robinson-Berry works with people from 39 different counties in North Carolina as well as from different countries to make women and minorities realize that there are many opportunities in STEAM or Science, technology, engineering and art and math.

Last year, Robinson-Berry was named one of the top 100 leaders in corporate supplier diversity by a women’s enterprise magazine. The Black Enterprise magazine also recognized her as one of the most powerful women in business.

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