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According to the latest survey from Clutch, 51% of small businesses plan to hire in 2019 with 39% of new hires being assigned to sales and marketing. 

The data points to the importance of sales and marketing in today’s digital business. Businesses need sales and marketing employees to optimize and update websites and social media pages. Effective sales and marketing departments are important factors in a company’s growth.

Riley Panko, Clutch Senior Content Developer and Marketer said that sales and marketing employees will help small businesses get and keep customers.

Clutch surveyed 529 managers and business owners for the survey.

2019 Hiring Trends

Aside from hires for sales and marketing, small businesses will also look to hire employees for customer service (36%), IT (32%) production (30%) and cross-functional positions  (28%).

The report revealed that 74% of new workers will be full-time employees, with 40% part-time and 17% as paid interns.

This employment status is much different compared to 10 years ago when there were more part-time positions. The current tight labor market is making businesses lock in employees with full-time positions plus incentives and good salaries.

Entry Levels

More than half or 56% of small businesses said they plan to hire for entry-level positions, 23% are looking for senior-level employees and 14% plan to hire an employee for an executive position.

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