Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Gucci, the high-fashion conglomerate has announced its formal action plan to bring true inclusion to its $15 billion dollar business after admitting that their “blackface” inspired turtleneck was racially offensive.  Dapper Dan posted on Instagram the plan that will help them create more thoughtful designs in the future.   

Gucci introduced the Gucci Changemakers fund, a “global program that supports industry change and fosters unity through community action.” The first action is a $5 million fund to community-based programs that support social change in colored communities throughout North America. Then, there is a $1.5 million scholarship program to aid several students with $20,000 grants each while they take formal education in fashion. Gucci employees will also be required to get involved in community programs.

Gucci CEO and President Marco Bizzarri explained in a formal statement that “Through our scholarship fund we will also create more opportunities for talented young people of diverse backgrounds to gain access to careers in the fashion industry”.

Gucci partner and Harlem legend Dapper Dan, said that he is “proud to work with Gucci and other community leaders to help guide programs that will create meaningful impact for the Black community and fashion as a whole”.

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