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The National Football League (NFL) is committed to improving coaching diversity but the numbers are going in the wrong direction. While some progress was made a few years, ago, the current number of minority head coaches has dropped while the number of black team presidents and general managers is almost non existent.

Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers was very disappointed with the hiring cycle for 2019 believing some deserving people were not given the chance to get an interview. Tomlin said that he plans to continue to fight for opportunities for all coaching prospects while stressing the importance of investing in the overall development of talented young coaches at all levels.

Anthony Lynn of the Los Angeles Chargers believes improving diversity in NFL head coaches will always be a struggle. Lynn argued that the criteria for the selection of head coaches should be consistent and applicable to everyone.

Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers said that the hiring cycle was disappointing and sees the need for coaches to ensure that they are training people of color to put them in positions to be interviewed for head coaching jobs.

Lastly, Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins believes that there are many talented minority coaches who have the temperament and the leadership to excel if only they are given the chance to reach the interview process for head coaching position.

In all opportunities seem to be lacking in the NFL despite the Rooney Rule being followed, which mandates at least one minority coach must be interviewed for every open coaching position.

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