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It should come as no surprise that using the talent of a diverse workforce can enforce company values, stimulate fresh ideas and improve the customer experience.  

Countless studies, including Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Diversity, have found that workplace diversity helps to create an innovative corporate culture. That’s why it’s important for CEOs to surround themselves with a diverse team and build an inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

Chip Paucek, CEO of 2U, Inc.– a publicly-traded education technology company that builds, delivers, and supports online graduate programs and certificates for working adults, tells Fortune that a diverse board helps him manage the company with 2000 employees through turbulent moments.

Paucek added that he relies on his diverse board of directors (made up of professionals from various gender and racial backgrounds) for advice on how to communicate the company’s values internally.

Before Paucek became the CEO of 2U, Paucek produced a PBS television show called “Standard Deviants” that offered fun college courses to teens taught by actors and comedians. Soon after, he was the CEO of Hooked on Phonics, a popular reading system for kids which reached over 30 countries. In 2008, Paucek co-founded 2U, which partnered with universities to deliver cloud-based online degree programs. In 2014, 2U went public after getting $96 million in venture-backed financing.

The motto at 2U is “No Back Row,” which means that a great education meets you where you are—and that could be online, “every person counts; each person is and feels included.” Paucek said that growing a business is “hard, but it’s an incredible opportunity.”

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