Keith King, founder and president of the National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC), will be inducted into the Michigan Military & Veterans Hall of Honor on May 17, 2019.

King is a Vietnam War veteran who has served as a veteran advocate for 40 years. His career was focused on working with veterans and he has been commended for his dedication and commitment to veterans throughout the military community. He founded NVBDC in 2013 and was instrumental in helping Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Michigan State Council Vietnam Veterans of America President John H. Riling III said King deserves more than congratulations and awards because he has gone above and beyond all veterans in helping former service members establish successful businesses. King is also a recipient of the National Commendation Medal, the highest award of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Five other veterans will be inducted including Tyronne Chapman, Mike Ilitch, Vincent Patton, John Dingell and Joe Louis.

Six military members will also be inducted. They are Margret Brewer, Duane Hackney, Jack Lousma, Don Odell, MOH Charles Kettles and Alexander Jefferson.

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