Photo by Sean Roy on Unsplash

The government of Sacramento City has launched efforts to improve workforce diversity that will reflect the community population. The city has appointed Aimee Barnes as its first diversity and equity manager. She was hired after a 2017 study found that the city’s workforce is mostly white and male.

Current statistics show that women make up only 30% of the Sacramento’s full-time workforce while they represent 51% of the city’s population. They also earn $11.50 less than men. In addition, people of color make up only 42% of the city’s workforce, while they represent 66% of the overall population.

It’s not all bad however, as there have been improvements.

Around 10% of the city’s new hires in 2019, for example, identify themselves as belonging to two or more races and 22% of new employees are Hispanic.

The city aims to have its workforce within 10% of the overall demographics of the city. Some of the current efforts to improve diversity include training managers to avoid bias in performance evaluations and the implementation of blind hiring processes.

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