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Diversity in Blockchain launched its first chapter in New York on May 7 in New York City. Other individual chapters around the country will also be launched soon.

Diversity in Blockchain is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 that is committed to creating equal, open and inclusive opportunities in the blockchain industry.

Diversity in Blockchain was founded by Joshua Ashley Klayman, Susan Joseph, Shawnna Hoffman, Anna Ashurov, and Michelle Gitlitz. The founders are all blockchain pioneers and thought-leaders with unmatched expertise working closely with industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies in various fields.

The members of the New York City Chapter Planning Committee have sweeping experience in the blockchain space, including at startups, large financial institutions, institutional exchanges, global blockchain technology and design companies, technology providers and law firms.

The event received an overwhelming response which, in the organization’s view, reflects a growing hunger in the blockchain space for diverse voices to be heard and diverse viewpoints to be recognized.

Michelle Gitlitz, one of Diversity in Blockchain’s founders and Co-Chair of Blank Rome’s Blockchain & Digital Currencies Group, said, “The proliferation of blockchain technology requires education, mentorship and the opportunity to discuss and engage amongst diverse perspectives.”

The New York Chapter will promote Diversity in Blockchain’s mission of accessibility and inclusion by starting a year-long series of “how-tos” for blockchain and digital assets over the course of the year.

Find more on the Diversity in Blockchain, here.  

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