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Facebook recently announced that it’s modifying its News Feed algorithm to reward creators who publish video content that sees longer average watch times, and generates more repeat views while Pages posting unoriginal or repurposed video content will have limited access to visibility and monetization.

What do the changes mean for a small business? Here is a breakdown of the three components of Facebook’s update, along with ways that small business owners can set their brand up for success with video on the platform.

Loyalty and Intent

Facebook will prioritize videos that users seek out via Search, or by visiting a creator’s Page. This covers the News Feed, Facebook Watch, and Facebook’s “More Videos” recommendations.

So, here’s how businesses can ensure their audience remains engaged and coming back for more.

  • Share valuable content and keep folks engaged with educational how-tos or inspirational videos.
  • Optimize for search by knowing what search terms potential customers might use to find the video, then add them in the title, description, or keywords to your video content.
  • Stay consistent by posting regularly to build visibility and trust with the audience and make them more likely to search for or return for similar content.

Viewing duration

This is another important factor because the new updates reward content that gets users to keep watching for at least one minute. The videos are preferably at least three minutes long.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when curating longer video content on Facebook:

  • Start with a storyboard or guide to ensure that the video will be useful, entertaining, and/or inspiring to the viewers.
  • Start with eye-catching strong images and video clips to hook users in to the News Feed.
  • Sound off because 85% of Facebook viewers prefer to watch videos with the sound off. Use text to keep the story clear, and the audience engaged.


Facebook will rank high original content that compels users to tag their friends, or share the videos, and encourages meaningful conversation. Here are some easy ways to make sure the content gets optimum visibility:

  • Avoid resharing or reposting content that exists elsewhere.
  • Don’t post content with a mass-produced or duplicated clip because it can also hurt the video’s originality signal on Facebook. Make sure that the video clip has been “meaningfully repurposed” by incorporating voice-over, commentary, graphics, or creative editing.
  • Don’t spam viewers. Post content that entertains, educates, and inspires and the viewers will continue to engage with the video.

Incorporating these tips into small business’ strategy can keep the brand’s videos visible across Facebook, and easier to monetize.

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