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Fostering an inclusive work environment does not end with the hiring process. Corporate leaders need to ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment and they need to understand that diversity is more than race and gender, but also includes physical ability and economic status.

There are three ways leaders can help promote workplace diversity. The first is the implementation of a flexible work schedule which allows employees to attend to their non-job-related responsibilities. A study found that a flexible schedule makes employees happier, more productive, and broadens a company’s hiring pool.

The second way to promote workplace diversity is the introduction of workshops and training to help employees become more aware of other lifestyles and cultures. A Deloitte study revealed that 80% of employees consider diversity and inclusion when considering a job offer and when choosing an employer. A diverse workforce, therefore, improves a company’s ability to hire a wider talent pool.

The third is the implementation of mentoring programs by female business owners and executives. A study found that mentoring programs can help improve the retention and promotion of women and minority employees by 15% to 38%. In addition, minorities who attended mentoring programs have a 9% to 24% higher chance of making it to management level positions.

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