Mastercard, in collaboration with its partners, has added features to its business cards that will provide small business owners access to solutions and tools that are important to the success of their business.

According to Mastercard Core Products Executive Vice President Amnah Ajmal, the company is leveraging industry alliances, partnerships and advanced technologies to provide small business owners the seamless experience they deserve and the resources they need.

There are many benefits that small business cardholders can automatically enjoy that can help in their business management. These include

  • 40-50% discount on Intuit QuickBooks Online accounting software;
  • a $20 saving on Intuit TurboTax tax preparation software;
  • a 24/7 personalized assistance such as arranging client dinners, locating tech support and securing a meeting room;
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection that monitors personal and business information;
  • Mastercard Easy Savings that provide access to automatic savings on everyday expenses such as business services, travel and dining;
  • Mastercard Cellular Telephone Protection cell phone insurance which covers damaged or stolen mobile phones; and
  • Mastercard Receipt Management which help track paper and digital receipts, categorize expense and capture key purchase data.

Intuit Executive Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Partnerships CeCe Morken said they are thrilled to partner with Mastercard in providing small business the financial products they need to grow and prosper.

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