Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 75% of Americans believe that it is important for companies to promote ethnic and racial diversity in the workplace. Only 24% said it is important to take ethnicity and race into considerations in recruitment and promotion decisions while 74% said that only qualifications should be taken into account even if it results in less diversity.

The findings reveal a major partisan gap on the importance of diversity. About 64% of Democrats believe that it is very important for companies to promote diversity, compared to only 29% of Republicans. Around 90% of Republicans believe that companies should only consider qualifications in recruitment and promotions, while 62% of Democrats said that ethnicity and race should be considered.

The study also found that 64% of Americans believe that ethnic and racial diversity has had a positive impact on America’s culture. There was also a partisan gap in this issue. Only 50% of Republicans said that diversity has a positive cultural impact, compared to 77% of Democrats.

The responses indicate that while Americans support diversity, they appear to just want it to happen on its own. But experts believe that companies need to actively promote the recruitment of a diverse workforce and to strategically create a welcoming environment.