Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce hosted its regional Small Business Series in Albany as part of an effort to help small business owners in rural areas improve their business.

The event featured experts and inspirational speakers. Hughey and Neuman Inc. co-owner Katie Gatewood discussed the challenges of having a small business and highlighted the importance of business owners to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by local chambers. The Levee Studios co-owner Tracy Goode advised business owners to do research about their business, seek mentorship, understand the resources they have in the community that can help them succeed and learn from other people and their own mistakes.

Georgia Chamber president and CEO Chris Clark explained the importance of this event in helping business owners prepare for potential risks in the future and highlighted the role of small businesses in local and national economic growth. He also mentioned that it is important to get millennials to stay, live and start their own business in rural Georgia.

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