Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) hosted a procurement fair to recruit diverse suppliers for its JCP&L Reliability Plus Infrastructure Investment Program.

During the event, JCP&L representatives explained how minority-owned businesses can become a certified supplier and partner with the company, provided an overview of the work involved in the Reliability Plus program and discussed the company’s vendor sourcing process. This session was followed by roundtable discussions on the capabilities of the suppliers and business opportunities with JCP&L buyers. There was also information exhibits for the procurement fair participants presented by New Jersey minority advocacy groups.

JCP&L president Jim Fakult also mentioned that aside from the Reliability Plus program, they also have an additional $97 million in planned projects until 2020 and these are expected to require more than 1,400 work activities. They plan to partner with many diverse suppliers throughout the state for these projects. In 2018, almost 26% of JCP&L’s total spend was with diverse suppliers. The company spent more than $21 million with women-, service disabled-, veteran- and minority-owned suppliers for the year.