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Black Enterprise | Starting a small business is not only about having a great idea or having sufficient capital. An aspiring business owner must also be willing to take risks, to be innovative and to sustain work needed to achieve set goals. Here are some tips for starting and launching a small business.

1. The business should be based on your passion and what you love doing. If you love the business, you will work harder and enjoy whatever you are doing for the business.

2. You should formulate a business plan that outlines the goals to be achieved at a particular time and the ways to achieve these goals. A business plan can also serve as a timeline of achievements and how far you want to go.

3. You should develop a unique product or service that will make the customers come to you. You also need a unique identity for your product or service that will make your customers at least want to give it a try.

4. Before starting a business venture, ensure that you have a customer base that will at least cover your operating expenses initially.

5. It is crucial to understand the marketing, financing and costing aspects of a business. Having a unique product or service will not necessarily translate to sales and profits. Financial know-how is the difference between an enthusiast and a business entrepreneur.

6. You should secure sufficient funding and get as much support as you can from your family, friends and experts. Even if you have enough capital, there are some aspects of business like website design, store construction and accounting that are better handled by professionals.

The success of a small business depends on how it was started and launching it is one of the hardest part of the process of having your own company. Do your research and seek help on things you are not very confident doing.

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