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Small Business Trends | Visual Objects conducted a survey of 529 owners and managers of small businesses in the U.S. to determine what they think is the most effective content of their websites. The respondents include male and female baby boomers, gen Xers and millennials from companies with employees ranging from one to 500.

The findings reveal that the most effective content were company information and visuals at 23%, followed by videos at 16%, product description at 15%, reviews at 12% and blog posts at 5%.

Kelsey McKeon, author of the 2018 report, suggests that companies should regularly publish new content to keep their audience engaged and to show they care about their online presence. But only 38% regularly publish contents, 36% publish monthly, 15% quarterly and 12% occasionally or as needed.

With respect to website priorities, the study found that content was at the bottom of the respondents’ priorities. Twenty percent of the respondents said it was Web design, followed by user engagement at 20%, e-commerce 19%, SEO at 12% and content at 10%.

For 2019, the respondents plan to publish functional website contents. Fifty-nine percent will focus on company information and 57% will concentrate on visuals. Other planned contents include product descriptions, podcasts and downloadable contents. Small businesses need to have a comprehensive content management policy that is consistently implemented year-round. The site and the content should be able to deliver a good user experience. Business owners also need to invest in new and emerging forms of content in order to improve the online presence of their brand.

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