Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Small Business Trends | The 2019 Cox Business Consumer Pulse survey found that 70% of Americans would spend more money to support small businesses that exclusively sell American-made products. They survey was conducted in April and involved 1,036 Americans.

The findings also reveal that 70% of the respondents prefer to spend more money on businesses that support an environmental or social cause, and 50% would stop their support for businesses that do not alight with their environmental and social views. Around 72% consider a diverse and inclusive workforce as a factor in supporting a business.

Despite the trend towards cashless transactions, 77% would like human interaction when they check out. Only 23% prefer cashier-less system and they are mostly young people from 18-29 years old. Forty percent of the respondents suggest the use of social media for small businesses to improve their customer engagement.

In terms of government support, 69% believes that the government should do more to support the growth of small business. Their suggestions include launching support programs for women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses and provide more tax incentives.

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