Photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash

In just over a year, Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) has grown its partnership with Indigenous-owned small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by 380 percent.

Darren Edwards, BDA vice president and managing director, said that the growth was due to a signed memorandum of understanding with the Indigenous Defence & Infrastructure Consortium (iDiC). IDiC acts as a single point of contact for over 90 Indigenous businesses nationwide and has worked hand-in-hand with Boeing since 2017 to strengthen the Indigenous supply chain as well as Boeing’s local supplier base.

Boeing Aerostructures Australia in Victoria was recently engaging with iDiC to develop an ongoing partnership.

As a single point deployment project and account manager, iDiC provides a diverse range of services via its consortium partners, all of whom are Indigenous-owned businesses. IDiC has proven its capability in providing a range of direct and indirect procurement services to support large defence and infrastructure projects. Some of the services iDiC provide include engineering services, facility services and construction, logistics and warehousing, graphics, photography, professional services and administration and consumables.

As a supply chain aggregator, iDiC focuses on identifying business opportunities for its Indigenous business consortium partners. It then presents turnkey solutions providing a de-risked integrated offering to its clients.

IDiC helps because it is able to navigate the supply chain requirements of large companies, which are somewhat daunting for small to medium enterprises, and prequalify as an approved supplier. Through iDiC, indigenous businesses can qualify for contracts that they normally would not have been able to on their own individually.