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Video marketing is one of the most effective methods for growing your small business. Video contents can improve the online reputation of your brand as a forward thinker and increase your time-on-page ratings. Video outreach also offers faster and cheaper customer acquisition rates. In addition, 92% of mobile video watchers tend to share the contents they consume.

Here are some facts about video marketing that you should know.

Engaging videos can help increase your sales and can positively impact your social media following.

“Show, don’t tell” videos perform best in attracting potential customers. You should only show why your service or product is awesome and not bombard the audience with information about your company.

The return on investment in video marketing takes times. Thus, in creating your video contents, you should focus on audience engagement and evergreen content. An efficient video marketing is not as expensive as you might think. Smartphone technology has made it easier to create powerful videos and social media sites can provide ideas for your video creation strategy.

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