Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash conducted a survey of 1,213 adults in the U.K. to determine what factors discourage or turn off customers from making purchases online.

The number one reason users do not make online purchases is related to product image. Sixty-one percent of the respondents said poor quality or insufficient product image negatively affects their buying decision. This is followed by inadequate product description with 56% saying it is a deterrent.

The third reason for lack of online purchases is the lack of good customer service (52%). The fourth is intrusive and distracting pop-up ads with 47%. The fifth is complicated process for checking out with 43%.

The sixth reason is a little or of lack of social media presence with 41%. The seventh is the lack of delivery options which 34% of customers say discourages them from buying. The last three are desktop only site designs with 27%, insufficient or lack of company information with 16% and inability to accept alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay and PayPal with 11%. managing director Gareth Hoyle says that it is important to address these 10 issues that deter customers from making online purchases. The study found that electronic commerce companies can lose 58% of potential customers with even only simple errors.