Photo by San Fermin Pamplona - Navarra on Unsplash

Many organizations are trying to adapt diversity in today’s work environment with a lot of organizations failing to retain such diverse talent. Regular benefits like free lunches, recognition programs, work from home policies, etc. are certainly valued by employees. However, the needs are much more, like the opportunity to air their opinion without the fear of getting branded.

Creating a sustainable model is difficult but some organizations successfully create a culture of diversity and inclusion. It is imperative to learn how these organizations succeeded and how diversity has impacted them positively.

Does diversity really help drive revenue growth for a business? Is having a diverse workforce and growth in revenue mutually exclusive?

Unfortunately, that is not true. Creating a diverse workplace is just half of the bigger picture. The other half being inclusion. If a diverse pool of talent does not feel that the company is inclusive, it is only half a battle won.

Here are some key ideas that help to sustain a forward-leaning diverse culture:

Lead by Example in Building a Diverse Culture

To create an atmosphere of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, it’s essential for the leaders to become the face of these initiatives. It is often seen that a company might have a diverse pool of talent at lower levels but it slowly fades out as one climbs the corporate ladder

Eliminate Hierarchies

Without a hierarchical structure, employees with varied profiles that span across age, years of experience and sectors have equal chances to contribute and feel valued.

Organize  Activities to Engage Staff

Keeping the staff engaged through simple initiatives such as regular Town Halls, fun team building activities, etc. go a long way.

Diversity and Inclusion should be at the core of everything that an organization does. The more diverse a workforce is, the higher the chances of its prosperity.