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Research suggests that there is still a long way to go to achieve workplace diversity across U.S companies especially in leadership roles. For example, 20% of organizations do not have a single woman on their leadership teams and only 16% of leaders identify as people of color.

Workplace diversity training can be a useful strategy for companies looking to create a tolerant and inclusive work environment.

What is Workplace Diversity Training?

Workplace diversity training is a learning and development (L&D) program designed to increase cultural awareness, encourage empathy and to create inclusivity.

Typically, workplace diversity training includes: New Recruit Training (for the newly onboard employees),Refresher Training (regular training to update employees on best practices for workplace diversity)  and Leadership Training (for employees in leadership roles).

How to Use the Latest Tech for Workplace Diversity Training

Recently, technology solutions have been developed to transform diversity training in the workplace as follows:

Removing bias by simulating the triggers

Implicit bias is among the most challenging areas that virtual reality can help by enacting gamified scenarios to remind employees what responses/behavioral patterns to avoid. Debias VR’s workplace diversity platform is specifically designed towards bias elimination.

Trying to be in someone else’s shoes for genuine empathy

In this training format the employees put on a VR headset and see themselves represented in a different gender, race, ethnicity, ability-level, and other discrimination-prone groups. Equal Reality is a VR startup that is used by global leaders such as Amazon, PwC, and JP Morgan.

Microlearning diversity-related content

Microlearning is useful to break up complex concepts and abstract ideas into easy-to-consume segments. Qstream has recently partnered with Culture Coach to combine microlearning with a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Training Through Virtual Reality

Revolutionary solutions such as VR create an experiential lesson, encouraging empathy, understanding, and value-based judgment. It is a key part of training for organizations looking to bridge the gaps between their diversity goals and everyday employee reality, encouraging inclusivity in the workplace.

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