Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

The OSCE Mission to Moldova organized a two-day workshop for journalists in Chisinau on June 27-28, 2019. The workshops aimed to improve journalists’ understanding of the reporting specifics on national minorities and diversity. It was conducted in cooperation with the Moldovan Broadcasting Council and was attended by representatives from the Equality Council, Bureau for Inter-Ethnic Relations and Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

The Independent Journalism Centre presented the result of media monitoring which found frequent hate speech and inflammatory languages towards minorities from online comments on mass media sites.

The workshop participants learned how they can help improve pluralistic and inclusive public discussion in multi-ethnic societies. They discussed the negative impact of discriminatory speech and stereotyping on inter-ethnic peace and reviewed local and international standards on media reporting. They also developed best practice recommendations for facilitating intercultural dialogue in multi-ethnic societies.

OSCE Mission organized the workshop to support the Moldovan government in advancing policies that promote diversity and tolerance and in the implementation of an action plan for the national Strategy for the Consolidation of Inter-ethnic Relations.

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