LinkedIn, in its research for Campaign has taken a detailed look at engagement with diversity-related content on the platform for six months from 1 October 2018 to 1 March 2019. 

Diversity topics important for senior business figures

Diversity should be important for businesses seeking funding, for professionals advising on brand-building and for those seeking new sources of growth.

LinkedIn found that senior business figures are most likely to engage with diversity content. Partners are 4.5 times more likely to engage with diversity content than the average LinkedIn member.

Gender diversity and business productivity stories

The study also found that gender was the top diversity topic both in terms of the number of posts and level of engagement. Other top posts were about studies on equality in the workplace, the relationship between gender diversity and business productivity, the difficulties of challenging discrimination in the workplace and the potential downsides of coming out at work.

Ethnic diversity: workplace discrimination a key topic

On ethnic diversity, the revelations about discrimination in recruitment and the workplace were most engaged with, the study found. The research that claimed applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds in the UK had to send 80% more applications on average to get a positive response from an employer as well as individual stories of people overcoming discrimination drove significant engagement.

Age and cognitive diversity

On cognitive diversity, the most popular content focused on raising awareness of the value that a broad spectrum of talent can bring to the workplace, including those with autismADHD and dyslexia.

On ageism, a recent Campaign survey found that 42% of advertising, marketing, media and PR employees have witnessed ageism towards a colleague and 32% have experienced ageism themselves. Five of the top 20 posts on ageism were content that raised awareness of the dangers of sidelining older workers. Chip Conley’s TED talk on the benefits of mixing different generations was the most popular content.  

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