Bloomberg and Andre Iguodala, a 15-year NBA veteran and tech investor, co-hosted an after-party for the third annual Players Technology Summit at the St. Joseph’s Art Society. The event for Iguodala, a former member of the Golden State Warriors and now Memphis Grizzles, had brought together a mix of CEOs, professional athletes and select members of the Bay Area tech scene, including entrepreneurs Hosain Rahman and Jeff Fowler.

Iguodala used technology investments to bridge the gap between the world inhabited by his fellow athletes and that of the business elite. He wants to help superstar athletes avoid winding up broke due to bad financial decisions or being taken advantage of by their advisers.

He gives investment advice to NBA players, most of whom are very young and unsure of what to do with their millions of dollars. That includes introducing them to VCs and startup founders.

Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown, 22, is eager to learn more. The first time he attended the conference he sat in the back row with a pen and notepad. His current NBA contract is worth over $21 million, but he realizes the importance of starting to make investments early on.

Not long ago, Iguodala was like Jaylin Brown, according to Cline Thomas of Mastry, a venture capital firm and Iguodala’s former financial adviser. “He was the guy that listened,” Cline-Thomas told CNN Business. “I had a bunch of clients and he’s the one that listened the most and had these types of interests.”