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A survey conducted by Clutch found that 68% of employees reported positive effects of office relocation. Sixty-one percent of the respondents said the benefit of relocation is having more space and 68% said it was a more comfortable work environment. These office improvements can help improve employee productivity.

The main benefits of office relocation include more comfortable space at 67%, more space to accomplish tasks at 61%, more visually appealing space at 50% and improved productivity and better location at 48%.

When planning a relocation, employers should get the opinion and feedback of employees in order to make the transition more manageable and less stressful. They should also consider loss of productivity during the move, employee commute and selection of a desirable location. The benefits of office relocation are clear but not every small business can afford to do so. Those who cannot make the move can improve their office space by hanging artwork, repainting the space, adding some new furniture and better lighting.

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