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Are you a business operating on a small budget but still looking to increase your reach and connect with new clients?  Do you even have a budget for such lofty goals? 

Whether you are a company generating millions or a small startup unfamiliar with the daily asks of entrepreneurial life, below are 5 ways you can expand your reach and connect with new clients helping to grow your business (according to Black Enterprise (BE))

  1. Referrals from Other Businesses:  This is easily the most effective of any suggestions given by BE. Having a company or person you’ve done business with refer you to other opportunities is often an easy way to get new clients.  In addition, connecting with other businesses for cross promotion is another effective way to win new business and grow.
  2. Podcast Guest:  Finding what the popular podcasts are in your industry and participating on them is a good way to increase exposure let people see the personality behind the brand.
  3. Yelp: Add your business to Yelp and monitor the feedback.  Good reviews often means more customers.  “Yelp reviews are often featured prominently in search engine results, allowing you to connect with potential customers who might not even know your company exists. Be sure to respond to all reviews on Yelp and leave helpful feedback consumers can use to get to know your brand.”
  4. Google My Business:  While not as popular as Facebook (which your business should be on as well), Google My Business is an excellent tool with many features to help entrepreneurs.  With Google My Business, you can create a website for free “to advertising your business hours and inventory. Showcase your business by uploading photographs for free and respond to customers via Google’s business review interface.”
  5. Craigslist: While not a big one on my list personally, for local promotions Craigslist is a solid option  for small business owners looking for that extra push.  Not as popular as it once was, the website does still command solid traffic and can be used to grow your business if done right.

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