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In his The Small Business Radio ShowRamon Ray discussed that the secret to an entrepreneur’s success is seeking the support of fans in a specific niche instead of attempting to solve many different problems for a diverse range of people. Ramon says he decided to focus on a niche because he wanted to serve the people where his brand connects with the most.

Community Will Grow a Small Business

The business owner’s approach to selling should also be geared towards building a community. Ramon explains that it’s a lot easier to build a community at first than to ask immediately for them to buy something. He calls this method — “smile before sales”; make a connection and build a relationship first before a asking for the sale. Remember, don’t expect that the entire community will be customers, but a subset always will.

This is important because people want to have a relationship with a company and its community. By building relationships and trust, somewhere along the line some of those people will buy something from the business. This helps with the authenticity and connection with future customers.

Sharing makes a company more human and real. He says if an entrepreneur is uncomfortable with this, “get over it and share!” But as Ramon tells listeners, “you don’t have to share everything!”

The company has to focus on the practice of “FREA” which means:

  • Frequency: it takes time for people to see a company’s message.
  • Relevancy: ensure whatever is shared is relatable to the community.
  • Engagement: Find out if the community cares through interaction.
  • Analytics: Find out what worked and revise the message.

Listen to the entire interview on the Small Business Radio Show.

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