Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash

Marine veteran Paul Miller and Navy veteran Zachary Lewis have partnered with online retail giant Amazon to expand their web-based businesses.

When Miller left the Marines after serving from 1981 to 1992, he drifted into several jobs – including video production – before settling into the restaurant business which failed due to the recession in 2008. Miller switched to selling comfy headband headphones online designed for both children and adults. He called his comfortable headband headphones CozyPhones.

On Prime Day 2018, the company generated $80,000 in sales and Miller says he is anticipating selling two weeks-worth of inventory on Prime Day, 2019.

In San Diego, Calif., Lewis, who served in the Navy’s Special Warfare Command from 2009 to 2018, and his wife Jamie created Integrity Bottles, the handmade sand-carved glass products that are sold on Amazon Handmade.

“We started by selling to the guys on base,” Lewis said. “Our products are the No. 1 retirement gift out here in San Diego right now.” The husband and wife team decided to start selling their products online. When they partnered with Amazon, sales really took off, he said.

“They’ve helped me every step of the way,” Lewis said of Amazon.

Last Prime Day, small businesses selling on Amazon exceeded $1.5 billion in sales.

Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime deals last up to 36 hours. Online buyers can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime just to take advantage of the deals.

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