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VetFunder is currently seeking to build its contact list of interested investors, both accredited and non-accredited. VetFunder  will only allow veteran led entrepreneur startup companies, or startup companies with at least one core member as a veteran to apply.

VetFunder believes early stage startup companies have a greater chance of success if the team is passionate, not just enthusiastic. VetFunder knows military veterans live and breathe teamwork and esprit de corps and mission accomplishment is their way of life.

The United States military has a proven track record in teaching mission oriented tasks, leadership, creative problem-solving, strategic planning, discipline and grit. It is the nation’s only organization that has produced more business owners than any other institution. After World War II, 49% of veterans became businesses owners.

Initiatives and forums such as AFWERX Spark Tank, MD5, the National Marine Corps Business Network (NMCBN), Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), VetsWhoCode have gained momentum and continue to aspire veterans stationed all over the world.

According to the Small Business Administration there are 2.4 million veteran-owned firms which employ 5.8 million people.

Here are a few popular brands that were founded or cofounded by veterans:  Army veteran Phillip Knight cofounded Nike;  a Marine Corps veteran Frederick W. Smith founded FedEx; Army veteran Sam Walton cofounded Walmart  and Marine Corps veteran Bob Parsons founded GoDaddy.

“I hope more veteran entrepreneurs rise up the challenge in becoming successful business owners. Their experience and acumen translates to much more than they think. Their experience is invaluable and can’t be replicated by reading a text book.” VetFunder’s founder Marcos Ruvalcaba states.

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