Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

The employment outlook for women of color is very strong, according to a report. In 2018, the hiring of minorities outpaced those of whites. This trend is driven by women, particularly Latino women.

There are several reasons for the major increase in the hiring and employment of Latino women. The tight labor market created a lot of opportunities for women and the higher minimum wage has attracted new workers. There was also a two-fold increase in the number of job postings that require Spanish fluency. Another factor is that more than 90% of deportation and immigration arrests involved men.

Education is also a major factor in the career surge of Latinos. College enrolment of Hispanic Americans has increased by 300% since the mid-90s. The number of high school graduates has increased by 72%.

The significant increase in the employment of women was driven by necessity, skill and desire. The current economy provides them with a lot of opportunities.

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