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Most small business owners start with a vision of success. They know that achieving success also involves working harder, faster, taking more risks and personal sacrifices. However, many of them are severely disappointed when they get there. Is it a lie that someday they’ll feel good about their success?

The Success Lie

On the Small Business Radio ShowJanelle Bruland discusses why so many people are disappointed.

Bruland wrote “The Success Lie: 5 Simple Truths to Overcome Overwhelm and Achieve Peace of Mind.”  It explains why some feel let down after achieving their envisioned success. It says business owners must sacrifice everything to achieve it. She explains how “the worst part is that we must always do more and we must always be available to work.”  This doesn’t change — even after becoming very successful.

Janelle believes that too many people are sacrificing their health and family life because they think there is always another place they must get to in order to “enjoy” life.

Instead, Janelle suggests keeping a “gratefulness journey” that documents all the things in life that are going well.

Get Off theTreadmill

Janelle says that the first step to stop chasing the success lie is to be happier now by getting off the tread mill and stopping to evaluate everything. He says business owners need to “give themselves a time out to realize what is working and what isn’t.” She points out that while most people take at least a week vacation every year, few unplug from work.

Janelle explains that if business owners don’t let their team perform without them, how do they know they can do it? She says, business owners should “delegate to other people” and give up some of their ego.  

Listen tothe entire episode of the Small Business Radio Show here.

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