Photo by @canmandawe on Unsplash

The Italian National Fashion Chamber has adopted a manifesto to improve the diversity of fashion houses in Milan after several top brands were criticized for racially and culturally insensitive designs and comments.  According to fashion chamber president Carlo Capasa, the manifesto is supported by more than 100 Italian fashion brands except for Dolce & Gabbana. It aims to improve the gender and racial diversity of fashion houses in Italy.

The manifesto offers a model for reform to improve inclusion and diversity but does not include commitments from the fashion houses. It also calls for a change in the standard of beauty represented in magazine campaigns and on the runways.

Capasa explained that the lack of diversity in the Italian fashion industry may be attributed to the relative homogeneity of Italian society. But it needs to change. The industry must attract people of color to reflect the diversity of its target market.

A report released by Fashion Spot shows that Milan lagged other major fashion cities in terms of racial diversity on the runway. Women are also not well represented in decision-making roles, according to Capasa. He said they want to create conditions where women have the same chances as men to climb the corporate ladder.

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