Investor and television personality Daymond John shared his opinion on why veterans will make good business owners. John will take part in Bob Evans Farms’ Heroes to CEOs grant competition for the fourth time this year where he will provide mentoring to the winner. He said he feels like a winner by being able to work with veterans and mentor them as they take the entrepreneurial path.

Veterans have a unique set of strengths and skills that can be very useful in starting and running a business. John said veterans are hardworking, problem-solvers and tenacious when it comes to completing a task. They also have a mindset of serving others and are willing to seek help when they need it.

John also shared his observations about veterans that can be done by other entrepreneurs. One is networking. Veterans tapped into their existing base of people who know and understand them. Another lesson is doing research. Veterans “do their homework,” formulate a plan of action and some over-educate themselves to be prepared for the challenges ahead.

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