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Trucking accidents are dangerous and their growing number is a cause of concern. In states that have large populations, the chances of such accidents are high because there will be more traffic on the roads. While the number of cars is on an increase, you will probably see more trucks as well. Accidents that involve these large vehicles are dangerous, even fatal, considering the nature of injuries they can cause. Although these accidents are frightening, the silver lining is that you can get compensation that covers all the damages, losses and injuries. But everything depends on how the claim is handled and whether your compensation covers everything. Here is all that you can sue for after a trucking accident.

Medical expenses

When you are in a major accident with a large vehicle, you are likely to face serious injuries. Obviously, your medical expenses incurred for treatment should be on top of the checklist for claiming compensation. Apart from medical treatment and diagnostic bills, you should sue for related expenses such as doctor’s visits (including surgeon, physiotherapist, chiropractor and any other specialist you visit), medications and medical supplies. Don’t forget to add the expenses of transport to the medical facility because that might be a considerable burden on your pocket.

Lost wages

Apart from the expenses for your treatment, you can also sue for other financial losses, primarily in the form of lost wages. This becomes all the more important if your family relies on your income completely or even partially. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you calculate the value of lost income and claim it as well. This applies to both temporary and permanent loss of income and even loss of employment due to a physical disability caused by the accident.

Home modifications

Life is never the same for people who encounter serious and debilitating injuries in truck accidents. You may lose a limb or be confined to the wheelchair for a lifetime. This often requires the victim to invest in some form of home modifications and improvement to cope with the lifestyle changes. Any such changes require high expenditure and you can claim it as a part of your personal injury compensation.

Pain and suffering

Unfortunately, you don’t just face physical injuries and financial losses in an accident. The damage also extends to the pain and suffering that you and your loved ones have to bear. Emotional stress, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are some of the examples of mental suffering that people go through after truck accidents. Similarly, your spouse will have to bear loss of consortium while the family will suffer from stress. So you can absolutely sue for your pain and suffering as well.

Wrongful death

In the most unfortunate cases, the victim of a truck accident dies and the family is entitled to sue for their wrongful death. Although compensation would not bring the person back, it can reduce the woes of the family and make finances easier for them. A personal injury suit can help the immediate family members recover the outstanding medical bills, funeral costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and loss of companionship.

Suing the guilty party for fair compensation is something that every truck accident victim should do. The money you receive can certainly make life better by putting your finances back on track despite the hardships.

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