The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Center for Employment Equity (CEE) has launched the “What Works” publication series to explore rationales and goals of companies in their adoption and implementation of inclusive policies and practices.

The first publication in the series is “Collecting LGBT+ Data for Diversity: Initiating Self-ID at IBM.” It explores why IBM implemented the self-identification process and how it works. CEE co-director M.V. Lee Badgett said they use IBM as a diversity model because of its reputation as a global leader in diversity practices.

IBM has successfully made its employees in more than 40 countries to voluntarily report on their self-identified sexual orientation and gender identity. The information is used to inform self-identified LGFBT+ employees about the company’s programs and resources for them including LGBT+ employee groups, Pride Gateway, benefits policies and Slack channels. IBM has already received numerous awards from different LGBT+ organizations including the NGLCC, DiversityComm, Workplace Price, PFLAG and the Human Rights Campaign.

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