James Madison University is a predominantly white institution but there are more than 300 multicultural organizations at the university that help spread awareness about different cultures and help minority students fit in and feel at home. Here are some of these organizations.

Black Student Alliance (BSA) is based on the values of leadership, community, advocacy and authenticity. It has been serving as an advocate for black students for already 50 years. BSA hosts several events including Skate Jams and Fall Fest.

Asian Student Union, which was founded in 1971, aims to educate students on Asian foods, traditions and cultures.

Vietnamese Student Association is open to everyone interested in learning about Vietnamese culture. It helps create a safe space of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese students through hosting of social and cultural events.

Student Minority Outreach promotes diversity through programs like Overnight at Madison Weekend and other initiatives that emphasize the life of minority students at JMU.

Filipino Americans at Madison works to promote Filipino culture not only at JMU but also to the Harrisonburg community. It hosts social, cultural and philanthropic events such as the FAM pageant and its annual culture show. Latin Student Alliance aims to provide a venue for everyone interested in learning about Latin American cultures and create a network for people with similar cultural backgrounds.

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