Nationwide has announced a $1 million commitment to support programs dedicated to fostering social justice.

The money will go to several social justice organizations including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) Legal Defense Fund Equal Justice, the Equal Justice Initiative, the Bail Project and local NAACP organizations.

According to Nationwide’s CEO Kirt Walker, racism in any shape or form runs counter to their core values and is unacceptable. He also said they are committed to taking actions to promote social equity and justice.

To honor the tragic death of George Floyd in the hands of a white policeman in Minneapolis, Nationwide held relevant forums for its leadership and associates. It also created a Social Justice Task Force to determine how it can increase its impact on societal issues such as racism. The company is also planning education and activism resources for its associates that include bias training, social justice volunteerism opportunities and creating racial discussion forums.

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