The Boy Scouts of America has frequently been criticized for lack of diversity and inclusion (D&I). To address this issue and in response to a petition signed by more than 550 scouts calling for the organization to take a stronger stance against anti-black racism, the organization has launched several D&I initiatives.

The initiatives include creating a diversity and inclusion merit badge required to become an Eagle Scout and announcing public support for racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement. The Boy Scouts also plan to work with local councils to ensure that property names, events and other insignia do not contain symbols of oppression. Staff will also be required to attend mandatory diversity and inclusion training starting on July 1. In recent years, the organization has made some progressive changes. It ended the band on openly gay youths in 2013 and the ban on openly gay adult leaders in 2015. In 2017, it started to allow girls to participate in its core program and accept members based on the gender listed on their applications which paved the way for the participation of transgender youth.

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