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The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has created the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force on June 9 to explore how racial, ethnic and other demographic differences affect the Air Force and Space Force. It will focus on five key areas including recruiting and accessions; culture and policy; workforce diversity; aircrew diversity; and education, training and testing.

According to the Air Force press release, the Task Force has already made some progress. These include providing scholarships to almost 300 current and future Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets at HBCUs and revising rules of dress and appearance that could disadvantage people of color because of their complexion. The Task Force has also started the process of teaching Airmen about unconscious bias.

According to Air Force’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, the Air and Space Forces are not immune from racism and inequity but they are committed to being better every day until all within our ranks feel a true sense of belonging that allows them to maximize their talents. Task Force’s Director Brig. Gen. Troy E. Dunn added they will not rest until American Airmen and space professionals feel like they truly belong and are thriving in an organization that values diversity and equality.

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