Nationwide has announced a $1 million multi-year investment to help fund the National Fair Housing Alliance’s (NFHA) Keys Unlock Dreams initiative which aims to address housing and homeownership problems of Black and Hispanic families in the U.S.

The initiative has four main goals. These are to remove structural barriers that perpetuate racial inequity, expand fair and affordable housing options, help close homeownership gaps and prevent an unbalanced recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Nationwide CEO Kirt Walker said that homeownership and housing stability are the keys to achieving the American dream but this goal is out of reach for millions of people of color. Chief Administrative Officer Gale King added that affordable housing creates stability for families and is the best way for people to build wealth.

In addition to the Keys Unlock Dreams, Nationwide is involved in several other initiatives to address housing gaps. It has committed another $1 million to support programs that foster social justice. The company is also working with the NFHA to support legislation that would create a federal tax credit to promote the development and rehabilitation of single-family homes in underserved rural and urban communities.

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