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Whether you run a recruitment business or just expect the best from your in-house hiring team, their productivity matters the most. Needless to say, your team is your biggest investment and you would want to get the best returns from this investment. Maximizing their productivity will save time and money for your organization. Moreover, it can help you get the best people on board for your clients or company.

This can translate into greater efficiency, higher profits and better reputation for your business. You will also be able to build a client base and retain them with top-notch service delivery. So you would be more than willing to find and implement operational strategies that can help you achieve the productivity boost for your recruitment team. Here are some tactics that can deliver impressive results.

Leverage your candidate pool

Recruitment requires sincere efforts and lots of time, while you have only a small number of candidates making it to the final rounds after multiple rounds of sourcing and screening. It is worth securing all the effort by maintaining an organized and well-documented candidate database. Ensure that it has all the information that you may need subsequently for using the same candidate pool for other clients. This approach can make your team a lot more productive and save a great deal of time and effort for the future hiring. The process can be cut short by at least a few rounds and you will have qualified and verified people to choose from.

Bring simplicity in processes

Nothing is more valuable than basic simplicity when it comes to making your teams score on the productivity front. You just need to make the recruitment process as simple as possible, trimming the steps that aren’t required or essential to your success. Implement smarter and time-saving practices, such as using emails rather than phone calls for client and candidate communication. Also, keep track of the time that your recruiters spend on each process so that you can identify wastages and find ways to address them.

Automate routine tasks as much as possible

Achieving productivity is far easier these days because of the automation tools and technologies that are widely available for businesses. The tasks that you can consider automating include the repetitive ones like resume screening, posting vacancies, responding to applications, making reference requests, seeking candidate feedback and maintaining records. It would be best to leverage a smart automation tool that frees up the recruiters to focus on bigger and more profitable business matters. Obviously, the results will be visible in the form of greater closures and higher profits for the business.

Invest in recruitment marketing

Apart from implementing process automation, investment in recruitment marketing is the best thing you can do. Essentially, it involves the adoption of the modern marketing best practices such as multi-channel use and data analytics to ramp up the process. Amazingly, recruitment marketing can generate three times more leads and also make the process more targeted. With better content and smarter reach, recruiters can target, engage and cultivate qualified candidates with greater precision. Moreover, it is possible to communicate your brand value for better results.

Don’t expect them to multitask

The biggest mistake that you can make with your recruitment team is to consider their core tasks too frivolous and expect them to multitask. Whether they are hiring for in-house or clients, they have a key task at hand- finding the best talent in the industry and securing them. If you want them to handle other parts of the business operations, the quality of work can be compromised. Let them focus on what they have been hired for and you will surely get more productivity for them. Hire more people if you are short of resources but don’t burden your recruiters with extras.

Encourage them to manage their time effectively

Making your team productive is all about ensuring that they manage their time effectively. The best way to help them is by setting up a system that creates straightforward to-do lists, sets schedules and tracks the tasks till completion. Even better, you can empower them with a task and time management software tool that makes the entire process paperless. This system will ease up the workload and ensure adherence to timelines as well. If you have a large team of recruiters, it can help managers track the progress of the members for getting the best from them.

Develop a support team

If your company hinges entirely on recruitment services, providing your recruiters’ team external support is a great idea to boost their performance. You can have a specialized resource team that helps them with the recruitment process and connects with the managers to ensure transparency and seamless information flow. The step cuts down the organizational friction between recruiters, managers and stakeholders. When everyone is in the same team and on the same page, the result is a stronger and more productive workforce that is held together with a positive work culture.

Keep the team motivated

Motivation is vital when it comes to unlocking the productivity potential of people and that’s exactly what you need to do with your recruiters. Measuring performance and preparing reports is a good idea as they provide tangible figures. While positive metrics motivate the team, negative ones provide insights for improvement. Setting realistic targets would also help in motivating them to perform better. Go the extra mile by incentivizing them for better performance. This will boost the morale of the performers and give non-performers good reasons to work harder and overcome their shortcomings.

For companies that sell recruitment services to businesses, it is most important to live up to the expectations of your clients and a productive team can help you achieve this objective. The smallest of efforts can make a big difference when it comes to empowering your recruitment team. Implementing the aforementioned measures can take some investment and effort but the results can make them absolutely worthwhile. So make sure that you embrace them sooner rather than later and help you team reach their productivity potential.

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