Photo by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash

Women Who Tech’s “State of Women in Tech” report revealed that almost 50% of women founders and women employees in the tech sector have experienced sexual harassment.

According to the report, 44% of women founders have experienced harassment. Forty-seven percent of women of color and 65% of LGBTQ founders reported experiencing persistent harassment. For women of color founders who experienced harassment, 46% said it was done by a potential investor. Almost half of the female founders were also told that they would be able to raise more funds if they were males.

The most common types of harassment include a proposition for sex, unwanted physical contact, groping and receiving graphic photos.

For female tech employees, 48% of them experienced harassment and 43% of those incidents were sexual in nature. Forty-five percent of these victims reported the harassment to senior leadership and 30% to HR. However, 45% faced negative repercussions after reporting the incident. The most common types of harassment for female tech employees include offensive jokes, unwanted physical contact, sexual slurs directed at them and proposition for sex.

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