Photo by Sorin Sîrbu on Unsplash

Starbucks announced that it aims to increase the representation of Black, Indigenous and people of color to 40% of its retail and manufacturing workers and 30% of its corporate employees by 2025. The coffee giant also tied executive compensation to achieving workforce diversity.

The company also plans to launch a mentorship program, anti-bias training and other diversity and inclusion initiatives. Starbucks has also released its recent diversity data. The figure showed that its U.S. workforce is 27% Hispanic, 8% Black, 6% Asian, 5% multiracial and 54% white. 

CEO Kevin Johnson announced that they will hold themselves accountable at the highest levels of the organization and will connect the creation of inclusive and diverse teams to their executive compensation program effective immediately. He also said they would establish community partnerships for hiring, training and supervising outreach workers who will support their stores by engaging with individuals in crisis.

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